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Book One of The Darnalay Castle Series

Roses in Red Wax (Audiobook)

Roses in Red Wax (Audiobook)

A spellbinding tale of love and rebellion.

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1820 Scotland. 
Jane Stuart has lost everything. Her betrothed, her ancestral castle, and her cherished orchard—her life’s work—have all been ripped away. Now, exiled and adrift in the cold fog of Glasgow, she's numb to the weight of her grief, resigned to a future shrouded in loneliness and grey.

But fate has a different plan.

Percy Sommerbell is a musician, a free spirit who holds nothing but disdain for his industrialist father. But when familial duty forces Percy to travel to Scotland, he’s confronted with a painful truth—a truth that threatens to unravel the very fabric of his carefree existence. His family’s money, the fortune that funds his hedonistic enjoyment of all life’s pleasures, is generated by the suffering of children in his father's mills.

In the midst of Glasgow's smoke and shadows, Percy encounters Jane, a mysterious Highland beauty whose sad eyes and luscious curves promise both distraction from his guilt and inspiration for his music. Against all reason, Jane falls under Percy's spell. But when the mills become the first spark in a violent radical insurgency, their budding connection faces a trial by fire.

This audiobook features duet narration by voice actors Marina Fess and Eden Gabay, with Historical Notes read by Louise Mayberry. Playing time is 8 hours and 53 minutes.



"A truly beautiful book."

- Reader Review



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What's the steam level?

This novel has two multi-page sex scenes and several other explicit scenes and references.

What are the content warnings?

Roses in Red Wax includes graphic descriptions of child labor, dire poverty, forced isolation and the grief that comes from the death of loved ones. The hero of the novel starts his journey in a place of arrogant privilege, which some readers may find off-putting.

Will there be audio versions of your other books?

I hope so!

Depending on the success of this audiobook, we hope to produce audiobooks for the remaining books in The Darnalay Castle Series in the near future. Signup for my newsletter to stay in the loop!

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  • "I really cannot write just how much I loved this book. At my age, it's harder and harder for me to stay up to finish reading something, but I just couldn't put it down once I was settled in, then next thing I know, it's 3AM!" - Amy

  • "The scenery and setting are developed in a way that guides the reader to envisage, smell, and feel nineteenth century Scotland as if it waits to greet them outside the front door." - Tim

  • "Mayberry artfully weaves a compelling story full of love, secrets, pain and hope that is as riveting as it is heart wrenchingly full of historic truths. I couldn’t put it down..." - Holly

The Darnalay Castle Series

1820 Scotland. Fear of violent insurgency grips the industrial South, while thousands of Highlanders are cruelly evicted in the North . . . 

So begins the Darnalay Castle Series. Centered in Scotland, this groundbreaking historical romance series transports you from Glasgow and the Highlands to the far reaches of the British empire - and back again - to the heart of power in London. And it asks the question:

Can love triumph in a world gone mad? 

Step outside of the ballrooms and bedrooms of the elite into a more inclusive history, where radicals and romantics vie with capitalists and aristocrats in this evocative, one-of-a-kind historical romance series. 

The first three books in the Darnalay Castle series are complete, with the fourth and final book, The Song of the Magpie, coming in late summer 2024. Sign up for Louise’s newsletter to stay up to date on the publication plan, pre-order availability and other news.

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Louise writes steamy historical fiction from her home in the upper Midwest.

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