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Book Three of The Darnalay Castle Series

A Radical Affair (eBook)

A Radical Affair (eBook)

What harm could one night of pleasure do?

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Cybil Bythesea is imprisoned in a marriage that ended ten years ago. That’s when she fled the cruelty of her husband, Lord Falstone, and took refuge at her father’s estate in Northumberland. Since then, her family’s money has kept the villain at bay, and she’s been able to pursue her creative passion—writing. But freedom, true freedom, has been beyond her grasp. 

Except for her clandestine liaisons with Will. 

Will Chisolm is haunted by the past, the tragedy of his family’s eviction from their ancestral Highland farm, then his own foolish descent into political radicalism. Even now that he’s gained wealth and respectability as the manager of a set of spinning mills in Glasgow, he’s burdened with more responsibility and guilt than anyone knows. 

But there’s something about Cybil—a lightness, a kinship that, at least temporarily, makes all Will’s troubles fade away. It’s a dangerous game. Cybil is his employer’s sister, the wife of his political enemy and for the last four years, his lover. 

She’s also with child. Will’s child. And their world, their lives, will never be the same. 

Published on September 22, 2023. 267 Pages. 

"Such a beautiful and addicting read!"

- Reader Review


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What's the steam level?

This book contains three multi-page open door sex scenes, and several shorter/less explicit scenes.

What are the content warnings?

A Radical Affair includes discussion of abortion as well as descriptions of physical and psychological abuse, infidelity and the terrible prospect of two parents being forcibly separated from their newborn child.

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Yes! I'm happy to offer discounts on purchases of three or more books. Email me ( with the details and we can work something out.

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The Darnalay Castle Series

1820 Scotland. Fear of violent insurgency grips the industrial South, while thousands of Highlanders are cruelly evicted in the North . . . 

So begins the Darnalay Castle Series. Centered in Scotland, this groundbreaking historical romance series transports you from Glasgow and the Highlands to the far reaches of the British empire - and back again - to the heart of power in London. And it asks the question:

Can love triumph in a world gone mad? 

Step outside of the ballrooms and bedrooms of the elite into a more inclusive history, where radicals and romantics vie with capitalists and aristocrats in this evocative, one-of-a-kind historical romance series. 

The first three books in the Darnalay Castle series are complete, with the fourth and final book, The Song of the Magpie, coming in late summer 2024. Sign up for Louise’s newsletter to stay up to date on the publication plan, pre-order availability and other news.

About Louise

Louise writes steamy historical fiction from her home in the upper Midwest.

When not writing, she can be found driving an Uber, wandering her garden, attempting to talk her kids into eating healthy food, or curled up in a pool of sunshine with a cup of tea and a good book.

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