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The Best of Historical Romance Paperback Bundle

The Best of Historical Romance Paperback Bundle

"Achingly beautiful historical romance."

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I’ve lost everything. 

My betrothed, my ancestral castle in the Highlands and my life's work have all been ripped away. And now I'm alone, adrift in the cold fog of Glasgow.

But it doesn’t matter. I’m numb to the grief—resigned to my bleak future shrouded in loneliness and grey.

Then he comes along. 

What is it about him? Is it the way he plays his guitar, as if he’s playing just for me? Or is it the heat smoldering in his dark eyes? 

Whatever it is, he’s dangerous—to be avoided at all costs. 

But there's a violent uprising threatening Glasgow, and shadows from the past are drawing near. I have no choice but to face the trial with him at my side.

“The best of all the worlds – a blending of beautiful prose, heartbreaking research that created a rich backdrop, and a couple that wrapped their story into my heart.”
- Instagram reviewer

“At my age, it's harder and harder for me to stay up to finish reading something, but I just couldn't put it down once I was settled in, then next thing I know, it's 3AM!” - TikTok reviewer

Keep reading 'Roses in Red Wax' if you like…

  • A seductive, guitar playing hero
  • A heroine who rescues him
  • Epistolary (love letters)
  • Gothic vibes
  • History grounded in real historical events


Sometimes storms can unearth the most precious treasure...

That’s what I was looking for—treasure, something of value. Not this annoyingly lighthearted Scottish Earl I found floundering on the beach.

He’s shipwrecked and helpless, and there's not a village for miles. It’s only common decency to bring him home to the safety of the English Settlement on the Bay of Honduras.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t name my price

“So good I needed to take a reading break for a couple of days so I could put the pieces of my heart back together.” - Goodreads reviewer

”You guys....I think I found me a historical romance auto-buy author!!” - Instagram reviewer

Keep reading ‘Swept Into the Storm’ if you like…

  • Forced proximity
  • Class difference
  • Grumpy sunshine (She’s the grump.)
  • Hammock sex
  • Diverse characters


I’m trapped for life in a toxic marriage to a man I haven't seen in ten years. But I’ve found freedom of a sort—in the novels I write, and in the arms of a man I barely knowa Highlander, the manager of my brother-in-law's factories in Glasgow.

Our secret affair has been going on for years now, and my fleeting time with him is all I have to look forward to.

But now, I’ve discovered I’m carrying his child.

“I Love love LOVED this book.” - Goodreads reviewer

“Such a beautiful and addicting read!” - Instagram reviewer

Keep reading ‘A Radical Affair’ if you like…

  • A politically radical Highlander hero
  • A Gothic novelist heroine
  • Role play
  • Tree sex
  • Halloween vibes

BOOK FOUR: THE SONG OF THE MAGPIE (Pre-order delivered on September 26th)

My entire life has been shaped by the whims of men—from the dirty grinders who bought my favors in the alleyways of Cork, to the uncaring husband who was forced on me when I arrived as a convict in Australia. 

But at last, I'm a widow. I've inherited a farm of my own, and I'm determined to seize control of my destiny.

There’s only one thing stopping me: I can neither read, nor write.

But now, I have the chance to take on an educated, well-bred convict servant, and I can’t resist. I'm loath to have another man in my house, but it will be worth it. He can teach me to read.

Pre-order ‘The Song of the Magpie’ if you like…

  • Redemption
  • Hero is heroine’s servant
  • Resilient, strong heroine
  • Unique historical setting

This bundle is not available anywhere else. 

A sensual, free-spirited musician. A mysterious Highland beauty. A world descending into chaos... 

From the smoke-filled alleys of early-industrial Glasgow, to the wild glens and ancient castles of the Highlands, to the far reaches of the British empire - these evocative historical romances will sweep you away, touch your heart and transport you to a different time.

"The perfect blend of historical and romance."

- Reader review

 ~An Excerpt from 'Roses in Red Wax'~

A silent, grey fog hung over the city as Percy climbed into the waiting coach. 

Memories of the previous evening flashed through his mind. The pink satin of her lips. Her clean floral scent, like the wild roses that grew in the hedgerows at Grislow Park . . . and the image that was imprinted on the back of his eyelids, waiting for him every time he closed his eyes. Just as the final chords of her song had died away, he’d looked up to the vision of her, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, one crystalline tear tracing its way slowly down her cheek. He could compose a thousand songs to that one perfect diamond of a tear.

She was already his muse. He must have her for his lover.

The coach lurched into motion.

Today was the first of three scheduled mill inspections, one to each of the Fulton Company mills now owned by his father. 

He watched out the window as gradually, the wide streets of the business district narrowed and the cool fog took on a brown tinge and a fetid odor. The buildings here were grimy and in obvious disrepair with broken panes and missing roof tiles. Impossibly narrow alleyways branched off from the main road. These were the wynds, the slums where the millworkers lived.

His eye was caught by a girl no older than twelve but with the grim, unflinching face of a woman four times that age. She was thin as a rail, clothed in rags, sitting on a wooden crate, and clutching a screaming infant.

As the carriage rolled past, her piercing blue eyes caught his, holding him in an accusatory stare. A frisson of apprehension passed through him, and he jerked away from the window, leaning back against the seat and closing his eyes. 


"'Roses in Red Wax' kept popping up in my feed and I reluctantly relented - unsure whether it would be worthwhile. I am happy for Facebook’s algorithms for once, as it was more than I expected... Mayberry artfully weaves a compelling story full of love, secrets, pain and hope that is as riveting as it is heart wrenchingly full of historic truths. I couldn’t put it down"

- Reader review


This eBook bundle includes ALL FOUR books in the Darnalay Castle Series:

🌹Roses in Red Wax
🌹Swept Into the Storm
🌹A Radical Affair
🌹The Song of the Magpie (Preorder delivered on September 26)


    Frequently asked questions:

    How long will my book take to arrive?

    Paperback orders are dispatched within 3-5 business days. Shipping times vary by country and shipping method - look for estimated shipping times listed along with the shipping method choices during checkout.

    What if I don't like the books? Can I return them?

    Yes! If you are unhappy with your paperback for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

    What's the steam level?

    Each book in this series contains several open-door sex scenes, as well as other explicit scenes and references.

    What are the content warnings?

    Roses in Red Wax includes graphic descriptions of child labor, dire poverty, forced isolation and the grief that comes from the death of loved ones.

    Swept Into the Storm includes descriptions of chattel slavery, oppression of Native Americans and racially motivated violence.

    A Radical Affair includes discussion of abortion as well as descriptions of physical and psychological abuse, infidelity and the terrible prospect of two parents being forcibly separated from their newborn child.

    The Song of the Magpie includes discussion of prostitution, miscarriage, physical abuse by law enforcement and forced eviction.

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    • "Masterful writing, clever plots, deeply emotional and sizzling romance, compelling characters, and meticulously researched novels that are impossible to put down." - Helen

    • "I simply adore this series! I was hooked from the moment I started and couldn’t put it down!" - Emily

    • "The author is not afraid of unconventional situations, characters, or outcomes, and it just works. This makes for such amazing stories to read." - Suzanne

    About Louise

    Louise writes steamy historical fiction from her home in the upper Midwest.

    When not writing, she can be found driving an Uber, wandering her garden, attempting to talk her kids into eating healthy food, or curled up in a pool of sunshine with a cup of tea and a good book.

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