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The Proposal: A Swept Into the Storm bonus scene
This scene it told from both Joseph and Helen's points of view and takes place directly after chapter five of Swept Into the Storm - when Joseph comes to the caye to whisk Helen away on a walk. It works well as a standalone, but is much more fun if you've read Swept.

The Reunion: A Radical Affair bonus epilogue 
Or is it a prologue to book four? You'll have to decide...

This scene takes place in New South Wales (current day Australia), four months after the conclusion of A Radical Affair. It contains light spoilers for the other books, and will be most meaningful to those who have read the first three books in the series. 


Roses in Red Wax: The First Four Chapters
Get a taste of my debut novel with the first four chapters of Roses in Red Wax. 

A Tour of Darnalay Castle
The fictional Darnalay Castle is based on Cawdor Castle, a medieval Scottish fortress located near Inverness in The Highlands. Follow this link to see the floorplan and take a historical tour of the real-life castle.

Series Timeline
A full timeline of events in the Darnalay Castle series (up to book three). Births, deaths, marriages - everything is here! Note that this page contains some major spoilers, so if you haven't read all the books, beware!


Looking for more books that, like mine, blur the line between historical romance and "literary" fiction? Here are some of my favorites, arranged alphabetically by the author's last name ('cause I couldn't pick a favorite!) Mini reviews are coming soon.

The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (The MacKenzie & McBrides Series) by Jennifer Ashley 

Traitor's Knot (Quest for the Three Kingdoms Series) by Cryssa Bazos

The Forbidden Rose (The Spymaster Series) by Joanna Bourne

Provoked, Beguiled, and Enlightened (Books 1-3 in the Enlightenment Series) by Joanna Chambers

A Seditious Affair (A Society of Gentleman Series) by KJ Charles

The Devil to Pay (Nightingale & Courtney Series) by Katie Daysh

The Portrait Sitting by Alivia Fleur

A Gentleman Undone (The Blackshear Series) by Cecelia Grant

Mrs. Millner Gets a Kitchen by Jane Hadley

Toast of Tokyo (The Tokyo Whispers Series) by Heather Hallman

The Perils of Pleasure (The Pennyroyal Green Series) by Julie Anne Long

Compromised (The Victoriana Series) by Amber Night

I read a lot of research books to feed my writing, and while most are not meant for popular audiences, some are just as gripping as a good novel. Here are some of my favorites. 

Romantic Outlaws, the Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley by Charlotte Gordon

Anne Bonney, the Infamous Female Pirate by Phillip Thomas Tucker

Incidents of Travel Through Yucatan by John Lloyd Stevens


Have ideas for books to add to this list? I'd love to hear about them. Email me (louise@louisemayberry.com) with your suggestions!