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Book Four of the Darnalay Castle Series

The Song of the Magpie (Paperback PREORDER - Ships 9/26)

The Song of the Magpie (Paperback PREORDER - Ships 9/26)

A tale of resilience and redemption.

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Caitlin Blackwell’s life has been shaped by the whims of men—the cruel landlord who evicted her family when she was a child, the dirty grinders who bought her favors in the alleyways of Cork and the uncaring husband who was forced upon her when she arrived as a convict in Australia twenty years ago. But at last, she’s a widow. She's inherited a farm of her own, and she’s determined to seize control of her destiny.

There’s only one thing stopping her from becoming the prosperous, independent woman she’s always dreamed she could be: she’s illiterate.

Enter Michael Dunn, a man haunted with guilt. After six months of hell and hard labor at Moreton Bay penal colony—for a crime he should have known better than to commit—he’s more than haunted. He’s broken. Empty. A shell of a man. 

But somehow, he’s given another chance. A glimmer of hope in an unexpected assignment to teach an Irish widow to read. 

As Caitlin and Michael’s new life blooms amidst the vast Australian landscape, they uncover a secret that threatens to snatch away everything they hold dear. Can they face the demons of their pasts and embrace an uncertain future?

The final novel in the Darnalay Castle Series, ‘The Song of the Magpie’ is a sweeping tale of resilience and redemption that will capture your heart and leave you breathless until the very last page.


This preorder will ship on or before September 26th, 2024. 



Frequently asked questions:

How long will my book take to arrive?

Preordered paperbacks will be shipping on or before 9/26/24. Shipping times vary by country. In the US, you can expect delivery within 3-5 business days.

What if I don't like the book? Can I return it?

Yes! If you are unhappy with your paperback for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.

What's the steam level?

This book contains several multi-page open door sex scenes, and several shorter/less explicit scenes.

What are the content warnings?

The Song of the Magpie includes discussion of prostitution, miscarriage, physical abuse by law enforcement and forced eviction.

Do you offer book club discounts?

Yes! Discounts are available on purchases of three or more books. Email ( with the details and we'll work something out.

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The Darnalay Castle Series

Step into the early industrial age—a world of radicals and romantics, capitalists and aristocrats—in these evocative, ground-breaking historical romances.

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